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Drapery Associate (Former Employee) says

"No room to move up and no one caresManagement puts a lot on your plate with no supportExpect things to be done in tight deadline that are not doableFalse promises on moving up in the companyCan never leave on time"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked for the company for 5 years. Pay was awful, upper management was conceited, systems were outdated, management was on a power trip. Not a pleasant environment. NoneAll"

Warehouse Associate II (Current Employee) says

"Never again will I work for this company they are so full of it . Tamper with your checks . Show pure favoritism. Managers don't know what their doingOvertimeDiscrimination"

Front End Manager/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Worked for Bed Bath & Beyond for three years. During that time it felt like I was reliving high school all over. Managers are awful, staff is ok but you need to watch out. They discriminate if you have a medical condition and make you work somewhere that’s not a good fit. My advise stay away. JobEverything"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend working there.Stressful environment.Mean and nasty customers. Dreaded going to work there. Low pay and no hours given..Work culture bad and non existent."

Retail Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Job is great if you need money but short term job. Not a long term job for anyone. You are expected to do so much with little training. Managers on duty are not helpful.Hour lunch breakEverything else"

Cherry Picker (Former Employee) says

"They dont care about you there they work you like a slave all they care about is points and getting the work out but if yall knew like I knew I wouldnt work or order online all the cases there and they allow people to work well sick and its goimg into ypur home and you wonder why you getting sick hmm I can tell you why cus it people there sick and they pack your order and send it to ypu and now boom you sick stop odering online we put our life at risk for your family and our family neglected we cant spend time with our families are be there for them cus we taking care of ur and some intentionally caugh and sneeze on them boxes that goes to your house and yall touch them smh I work there 5 days a week slaving no time for my family cus if my child gets sick its a point why to make sure ur kids n family have what they need heck we have to drink plenty of water and we get wrote up for it too they treat us badly and barely closes if there is a case we have to work through all this. Now if they get 5 or more cases they shut down a half a day to clean so they say but they dont never for 2 weeks so we can take care of self but hr didnt have to come in when covid 19 first hit bit we did find other sources to get ur things from not bbb ur going to get sick if u havent all ready they dnt give a care about u only your money heck the building falling apart but want spend the money to fix it they only patch it up Ok money and benifitsThey dont give a care about us only the money and too many dang cases"

Full-Time (Current Employee) says

"This company is a sinking ship and they are throwing their best people overboard. Store managers are rewarded for sitting in their offices. Thankfully they have trimmed the fat around the middle but it's too little too late. They don't performance manage poor performers, they just expect the better performers to pick up the slack, leaving them frustrated, overwhelmed and feeling used. This is not a good place to work and I would not recommend it to anyone.There are no free lunches at Bed, Bath and Beyond not even during a time of crises when people need a small reward for their efforts.Lack of good quality staffing"

Multiple Positions (Former Employee) says

"The management of the company is horrible they treat you with no type of respect theres no room for growth at all the company expectsa lot from you with less than part time hours and mediocre pay and with no help"

Registry Consultant/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"TLDR: bad management and pay, and bordering on illegal with compliance problems.REVIEW BEGINS HERE: At BB&B, unprofessionalism seeped into every aspect of the work. Every employee with whom I worked, at the end of the shift, would talk about how much they hated working there. Management had undergone several purges and shifts, so frequently, only one manager would work for an entire weekend day, and they wouldn’t be able to get a lunch break. Management would shame employees in front of other employees (and sometimes customers) for not meeting their newfound ‘email capture’ quota, saying, “If you don’t [meet this quota], there’s the door.”COVID-19 changed the game; not only was BB&B late to have any coronavirus response, but new cleaning regimens were trivialized and ignored. No hazard pay, either, and I had to argue to get $10.50 an hour to start. (while full-timers who have been there 10+ years are told their pay will “cap-out” at $12.50/hr). A manager, when a mask policy was mandated in the county, said, “we don’t need the social media attention,” when I asked a customer to wear a mask upon entering the store.Other metrics were put in place to do nothing but restrict employees from functioning; we were frequently reminded not to use the vestibule doors, exit or entrance, because our “numbers” would show too many customers inside, opposing our sales numbers. Our shopping carts were out those doors, and there was no other way to organize them when people would leave them in disarray or outside. Safety was also trivialized—there were several dangling electrical cables fromIt felt good to see a customer satisfied.Pay, compliance, management, company doesn’t care about safety, no internal advancement, management is exclusive ‘club, ’ inconsistent scheduling."

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Working there you must enjoy customer service work . I feel management doesn't have your back. staff can be bullied by other staff members without consequenceGood discountsCompetitive"

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"They to lowdown & look out for certain people & dont give everyone a fair chance to grow certain ppl can slack off & do what they want while the hard workers catch the most mess they do everything backwards & unprofessional & if u don't like to work hard go to 2nd shift land of the lazy's & ppl keep getting sent home for covid-19 & they dont tell u anything u have to hear it from ur coworkers they don't even close down to clean & if they do it's only for a couple of hours then it's right back to the grind & ppl keep catching/having covid-19 working @ bed bath & beyond i don't feel safe working there & they been stop giving out the extra money for covid-19 & they giving out points when u call out & u get paid every 2weeks check look a hot mess for ur check to look like something u have to live there @ bb&b smh.No prosRun run run"

Asst. Buyer (Former Employee) says

"This company and management is the worst. There is no movement, they do not promote from within. Management sucks, and employees walk out without notice on don't come back. They do no invest in the employees, raises suck, and the work load is overwhelming. They micro manage and treat you like a kid. You get written up for simple things. You are not properly trained to do the job you are hired for. The culture here does not promote an environment where you feel safe to voice any concerns, as you will be quickly dismissed. This was one of THE worst companies I've ever worked for!!! Close to homeNone"

Department Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you like being pulled in different directions without being able to complete required tasks, and then be ridiculed for what you're doing then this is the place for you. The unreal expectations of working a specific department, being 100% available for each and every customer, and being 100% available to work a register only sets you up for failureFind out it's not right for you.You spent time workng there."

Acting Manager (Former Employee) says

"salary is terrible, managers are no help and take credit for your work. there was no distribution center so merchandise was ordered by too many people, unorganized, would want us to come in on our day off for a meeting just to give positive speeches. none"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"The place was not at all what i thought i would be doing. I've never worked retail and never will again . Folding towels all day was not at all what i wanted to ran around the whole store but never really felt like you accomplished anything. I asked about moving up to be part of management since i had 10 years in experience and they just literally laughed at me and said it might take at least 8 years to be considered i quit.Short break. no moving up."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"A esta compañía no le importa Nunca toman en cuenta el nivel académico de los empleados No le importa si eres profesional y menos le interesa tus capacidades .Cerca de mi casaPrepotencia de los dirigentes"

Sales Associate / Customer Service Representative / Cashier (Former Employee) says

"This is a job that I worked really hard & other associates would screw off & do absolutely nothing. I have not worked with this company in more than a year. I only worked part time. 20 hours a week if that.2"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"When I first started they I thought it was a nice place I put everybody was friendly there was no gossiping or anything like that or favoritism but the more I got familiar with the place everything went from good to bad with starting with bedbugs on occasions and managers talking about people on the floor and fights on the floor the only thing that was good to hear that stands out is one manager that is very awesome she helps you out with any and everything"

Sales Associate/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Company puts profits over people. Finds ways to make employees do more work for the least amount of pay. Literally no incentives to work hard. Company was racist in its hiring, promoting, and compensating of its employees. No guaranteed raises after a year. Lazy managers."

Hockeygump says

"I placed an order and was notified it shipped on 12/17. I went to track my order with FedEx and its says the shipping label was printed but not picked up. It is 12/28 now and it still says the same thing. Meanwhile, my credit card was charged 12/15. I go to see about the order on their site and am told the order cannot be cancelled or modified. If they are closing their stores they better not be relying on having a good online presence because it stinks!"

American Patriot says

"Beware of these scam artists. The Largo Florida store is dirty, has nasty rude employees and a management team with an IQ of a house fly. The Largo Florida location WILL RIP YOU OFF in a heartbeat. Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY!!! God they suck"

Jen says

"Don’t like stores I shop in removing products for political reasons. My Pillow is a great product, which is why they had it in the stores. I’m not shopping there any longer. "

Rick M says

"Golly, I wonder why brick & mortar stores are folding faster than a lounge chair? Bed Bath and way beyond’s return policies are horrendous. Lose your receipt and you paid cash? Tough sciht. Their pompous \"New return policy\" leaves you out in the cold feeling like a snowman with a carrot in his nose. USE AMAZON OR BUY ONLINE where if you return a defective item- YOU ARE COVERED. No receipt should mean at the very least a store credit. These bozos forgot where they came from and are next in line with Fry\'s who JUST filed chapter 11. \"Omar\" the queen manager of this Vine street branch was more than happy to enforce his woke authority to feel important and rush me out of the store to rid himself of my frustration. Twenty year customer saying goodbye to these jokers once and for all."

YouTube says

"We don’t recommend it"

William Martin says

"The company is a sleazy online business now. You are dealing with a broker that claims they are not to blame for anything and truly are worse than dealing with Ebay! Just go in Amazon or Ebay and forget the warm Fuzzy feeling you got walking into a BBB store and realize they do not care one tiny but about you or your experience any longer"

Ray says

"I will no longer shop here because you have took a side in these election by dropping all of my pillows products"

mike jones says

"The only reason I gave it one star is because there is no other option. I ordered a ninja foodie air fryer January 13 ,2021 and and paid for by PayPal, I got an email January 17,2021, saying my order is cancelled!!!! I wish I had read the reviews first. But I can tell you this-never again will I order from them, never!!!!"

cynthia leonard says

"I ordered 2 of the 18-Inch Pre-Lite Battery-Operated Wreaths (Set of 3) in November. When I received the package the first week of December it was only one set in the box. After contacting customer service I was told the other was being shipped. By now it’s a week before Christmas and nothing so I contact customer service again. This time I’m told it’s out of stock they will issue a refund. First week of January no refund, so I make another call. This past week what comes in the mail, yes my other part of order. I will never order from them again, customer service does not communicate and gives out misinformation. Very unhappy customer."

Jayy Giancola says

"Nothing but problems with BBB. Will take forever to ship out your items, have it sitting waiting to be picked up forever, and they do not tell you it they are out of stock of an item. They will also LIE multiple times telling you that they are processing a refund. When you ask about your refund after 5-7 business days, they will say that sorry I will go ahead and make sure it is processed, check back in 5-7 business days. They are just trying to drag you along over and over until you get tired and give up! Also do NOT pay with Paypal, they will try only giving you merch CREDIT and not your money back. Good news is if you did pay with Paypal, you can dispute the charge and get the refund they promised you. Stay away from BBB!"

Susan Hegarty says

"You are kidding me right? Just when I thought I would start to shop at bed bath I get terrible service. Ordered bath rug online, kept waiting for the confirmation email. Never comes I have to call customer service hang on the phone to find out the rug is out of stock and will not be coming. No timeline when they will have. Why didn’t you sent an email I ask to let me know. Response is sorry, I will tell manager. Better yet if it’s out of stock, why do you take the order. Waste of time"

I Don’t Know says

"Yep. I will never buy s h i t from them."

Gevena says

"The only reason I gave it one star is because there is no other option. I ordered a towel and boot repellent December 29,2020 and have yet to receive them, I got an email confirmation tracking number and still haven’t received them and when I called the young woman lied and said the items would be delivered by the next day(this was 1/13/21)I’m going to contact Capital One to get my money back, I wish I had read the reviews first but I can tell you this-never again will I order from them,never!!!!"

Jerome Brudy says

"I ordered 22 items from this company via their website and I still have yet to get my money back from them. I get the runaround from the employees and even had to open a better business bureau claim to get my full refund back."

Lisa Goosmann says

"I placed an order 5 weeks ago, and it is still in process. The original delivery date was Dec. 16-23, 2020. If the product was out of stock they should have told me at the time. After 5 weeks I should be given the option to cancel the order. I cannot get a live person to communicate with. I understand we are in a pandemic, but this is horrid customer service. If they allowed me to cancel my order I will continue shopping with BB&B, but because I can't get any type of information or update, I will no longer shop here. I'm giving my money and business to the local stores in my town."

Alyssa Blatz says

"Do not order online from BBB. It has been the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. I ordered a duvet cover in November 2020 and had a confirmation email that it was processed then a few days later was informed that it was cancelled (out of stock). I still have not been reimbursed the $150. I have spoken with 5 different representatives and get the same crappy response each time, they will mail me a new gift card and nothing has come. Avoid this online store- terrible."

PFF says

"My experience was the same as others. It took upwards of 3 weeks to get my complete order. The only thing worst than the online service is their curbside delivery ... I waited 40 minutes for a service rep to deliver my order to the trunk of my car. NEVER AGAIN."

Johanna G says

"I ordered my stuff November 23rd. It didn’t move from its original location scan for more than two weeks, finally it shipped and every stop it made, it took two weeks to move again. I decided not to call customer service because after reading all these reviews, I knew I’d just end up beyond frustrated and not being helped. Also I didn’t want to risk them processing a refund like they did to other people, WITHOUT ASKING THE CUSTOMER, and then not receive neither the refund OR the item. (You reach out and it just gets messy!!!) They pretend to help and just make it all WORSE!!! I decided to wait and finally, I received my package on January 12th. Almost 2 months later!!! Are you freaking Kidding me??! The whole experience had me anxious, I hate dealing with issues like this, especially if it’s gonna take multiple phone calls to useless people that lie and pretend they will fix the problem just to get you off their back and actually do nothing about it. My best advice is if you actually have a tracking number, you’re already one of the lucky ones so just wait it out and you will most likely receive your package. Better late than never! Also, I WILL NEVERRRRRRRR SHOP AT BB&B again!!!"

Julie L says

"After searching loads of stores online, I decided to buy my brother's Christmas gift from BB&B. Knowing that shipping times would be tough this year, I ordered 3 items for him on November 28. They were all supposedly packaged separately. Two packages shipped on December 3rd. One arrived with him before Christmas - yay! The second has now been in FedEx facilities in EIGHT different states, none of them his. I was told a replacement would be sent since that box would likely never arrive. It hasn't been sent. The third and most important box has been listed as "ready to go" for 6 weeks. I've been told by multiple customer service reps that it's FedEx's fault for not picking it up. Umm....not so much. I was also told that a replacement was ordered by them and shipped. It hasn't been shipped, and likely hasn't been ordered. I've been told twice now that it was 'guaranteed to arrive in 3-5 days' but nothing has happened. And last night I was told to contact FedEx because it's all their problem. The first FedEx rep hung up on me when I asked how in the world a package can be shipped through 8 states and still not get to its recipient. The second rep snapped at me that it was sent by smartpost and they don't deliver to PO boxes, so the package will never arrive. She kept telling me it was my fault for choosing smartpost and didn't want to hear that the shipping method was chosen by BB&B. Now the fun of getting a refund. I'm already assuming I'll have to call my credit card to intervene. I used to love shopping with BB&B, but will NEVER shop with them again - in store or online. There are far too many other retailers who can get it right to deal with this type of nonsense."

Tom says

"My experience mirrors everyone else's. Very slow shipping and unhelpful customer service. The company wants to go "digital first", but it seems they have some work to do."

Michael says

"Just tried to order online. Got to the checkout process and said my total was below 50 applied my gift card the said i owed 50 cents. Besides that the website navigation was a nightmare compared to amazon. After processing the order few hours later received an email saying one of my items was out of stock, even though online it says in stock. Yeah never ordering from here again, too much of a hassle and unreliable."

Kim Scherer says

"Ordered a $70 towel bar, received candle sticks. Notified them of the error. Instead of a) sending the correct item right away or b) sending me a return label and refunding my money right away, they stated they will neither send the correct item nor refund my money until I returned their mistakenly sent item to them. After a lengthy chat, the agent said they would in fact cancel my order and refund my money and to expect it in 3-5 business days. Followed up 7 business days later and spoke to an agent who stated my money was in fact not being refunded and they wouldn't until they received the item they incorrectly sent me. Still working to get $ back and moves to the bottom (potentially off) of my list to shop for household items. Funny thing is, as a person of good conscience I would've gladly returned the wrong item when I had a chance...had they been reasonable about this. I will likely return it next time I'm allowed out (stay at home orders in effect) but what a disheartening experience. I got a towel bar from and love it."

Dmitrij Kravkiy says

"I mean, I understand Xmas delays, Covid and so on and so forth, but having ordered something in early November, I only got it finally delivered after I threatened that I would submit the case to my bank who would impose a charge aback fee.... Why does it have to be so difficult?"

Rebecca Hall says

"sorted it out perfectly A wonderful experience and great customer service. Thank you for holding on to my special order a little longer, I truly appreciate it a My son placed an order and received his items which were not very good quality Purchased 158.00 worth of items and it took forever to get them once received they were not worth the money charged, low-grade material and workmanship Their women's clothing looks nothing like their ad. The quality is poor None of the items look even close to what is pictured. Their clothing looks great in the photos, however, what you receive is nothing close. The clothes themselves are cheap, poorly made, and ill-fitting They use photographs of real clothing sold by reputable sites BUT what they send you are knockoffs, cheap copies of the items. Clothing quality is terrible: stitching is less than poor, the textile is very low quality. I decide to return i sent several emails to the company got no response i went on social media Facebook and found this number which was Plus one -𝕥𝕙𝕣𝕖𝕖 𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕥𝕨𝕠 𝕗𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕖𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕖𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕫𝕖𝕣𝕠 𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕖 𝕤𝕚𝕩-called that number when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that can return this merchandise back to them my refund initiated to me!!! customer service was very quick in helping me with the return I appreciate his assistance and efficiency! fantastic with customer service skills. Very quick and efficient. Thanks"

Richard Wallace says

"This is extremely Great customer behavior I received very prompt and efficient service regarding my inquiry and really appreciated the follow up tacky material. terrible quality clothing! Purchased two dresses and tops one has completely come apart where the arm attaches to the body after one-time wearing! The second was already coming apart on the cuff before wearing it! Many of the dresses do not come as they may appear on the site and the compensation for the dissatisfaction in your orders is not handled properly, The quality of what I received is not what was advertised. The shirts are much thinner and cheaply made. The dress strap immediately popped and the material is cheap One thing didn't fit properly. I have two items in total that I need to return because I could not wait. When I tried to exchange for a different size my emails were ignored I’ve emailed and emailed to request a returns no response back I went on the internet I did my research about customer service number and I finally found this number which was plus one---ₜₕᵣₑₑ ₒₙₑ ₜwₒ Fₒᵤᵣ ₑᵢgₕₜ ₑᵢgₕₜ ₒₙₑ Zₑᵣₒ ₙᵢₙₑ ₛᵢₓ -called that number when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that can return this merchandise back to them my refund initiated to me!!! I have resolved the issue with this company and a refund has been issued I notified I’ll definitely be ordering again!"

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